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The Hosts Of The MFCEO Podcast

Have you ever noticed that some people are different? Not different in a dumb way though, but like something about them is just... different? When they walk into a room everyone feels their presence, or when they make a joke everyone laughs. These are the same people who got the raise that you really wanted. Those people are called MFCEO’s and this is the podcast for Mother. Fucking. C. E. O’s.


Michael Olivieri

Jonathan Pazienza

I'm in the process of becoming the MFCEO of my life. I was born and raised in Edmonton Alberta Canada. I always say I was "battle born" into the business world, I am 24 years old and I currently own a few of my own businesses; I am the owner of a property maintenance company, a company similar to uber, an app development company, and an influencer marketing company. Oh, and let's not forget about the new MFCEO university that's opening up! I decided that I wanted to be able to help other people go through the same process I am currently going through. I want to help others become the Mother fucking CEOs of their life. My name is Michael Olivieri, and I am currently going through the process of becoming the MFCEO of my life.

I was born in Edmonton Alberta Canada and I am an entrepreneur. Years ago, I never thought of owning my own business but I am glad I made that decision as it has changed my life entirely upside down and I could not be more excited about it. My goal in life is to provide my clients with solutions to their problems by offering my companies services to them, as well as to maintain a company with a respectable team who I can call my family and know that I am responsible for their well being and that they trust me with it completely.

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