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What Is The MFCEO Process Podcast All About?

This podcast is to honor the teachings of Andy Frisella of the MFCEO project podcast. 

This is not your average business podcast. This podcast will be uncensored, unedited, and un fucking real.

Have you ever noticed that some people are different? Not different in a dumb way though, but like something about them is just... different? When they walk into a room everyone feels their presence, or when they make a joke everyone laughs. These are the same people who got the raise that you really wanted. Those people are called MFCEO’s and this is the podcast for Mother. Fucking. C. E. O’s.

This podcast was designed to continue the MFCEO Project. What is the MFCEO project you may ask? It was the project of changing as many lives as possible by getting as many people in the world to become the MFCEO of their own lives. A life goal like this is not easily accomplished, even so Andy has been able to touch & positively affect millions of lives. Sadly, Andy decided he had taught us all he had to teach so I decided it was now my time to bear the torch. I wanted to start a podcast that shows you the PROCESS of what it takes to become the MFCEO of your life. To become the MFCEO it takes years and years of continuous self development, failure, and most of all… getting kicked in the dick. Really hard. OVER AND OVER. Most people don't realize the amount of failure that is hidden in the shadows of every success story. 

In this podcast The MFCEO Process, I want to dive deep into the inner thoughts of Champions, Winners, Kings, Queens & Alphas because they all share a similarity. People want to be like them. People want to be winners. 

The MFCEO Process podcast will have guests who are going through, or have already gone through the process of becoming the MFCEO of their own lives in some way or another. Some of them will have been in business longer than others, but all of them share one thing. A very specific mindset of WIN OR DIE. It's my job to interview them and ask the right questions to be able to figure out what makes them tick so that way you can figure out how to also become the Mother. Fucking. C.E.O of your life.


Often I hear people complain about “successful” people and say “it’s easy for the rich to get richer because money makes more money.” Which can be true sometimes, but remember hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. The main message of this podcast should be to understand that you can start with nothing as long as you're willing to put in the hard work. I want to show you how to start with absolutely nothing. How to become a millionaire with nothing other than $0 and a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Remember when all else fails the hustler prevails.


Follow along with me in the process of becoming the MFCEO. Learn from my mistakes and from the lessons I share with you weekly during my podcasts. 

This isn’t going to be easy. But some times ya just gotta fucking do it.

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